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Three Palms sits within a renovated farmhouse on the southern coast of Barbados.
We have always loved the island and want to offer the best welcome and stay that you can experience.

Two apartments up and running, ready for guests.
Please drop us an email to express your interest or consider joining our mailing list.

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Jennifer Ferguson

Owner Manager

“Looking forward to welcoming you.”

Jennifer Ferguson Owner Manager

Henry Sumner

Owner Manager

“Hoping we can help you see the best of Barbados.”

Henry Sumner Owner Manager

Soon Come

Local Opportunities

As the business grows we will need more and more support.
Could you be the next member of the team?

Soon Come Local Opportunities


Sample of images of what Olearia is/will be like for guests.
If you want to see how the renovation is progressing then please click here.


Back To It!

As the world returns to some sort of normal we are looking forward to guests returning.

Sprucing up and rolling out a second apartment for rental.

Covid Hits The Caribbean

Officially worst time ever to open a guest house.

Island locks down and we soldier on.

Three Palms Goes Public

Following renovation the first apartment is available for rental.

Additional rooms follow as the external landscaping continues apace.

Olearia Acquisition

Finally completed on the complicated purchase of Olearia, Enterprise Coast Road.
The building needed substantial care and refurbishment, but we could see the potential.

Dreams and Searches

Many visits, lots of searching and some fruitless house viewing.

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